Eugène Brands

Eugène Brands

About Eugène Brands

In 1948 he became a member of the Dutch Experimental Group REFLEX, who integrated into the CoBrA movement later on. His meeting with Willem Sandberg, former manager of the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam, led to an exhibition where CoBrA presented itself towards the Dutch public.

Between Nunspeet and The Provence

Brands leaves CoBrA a year after the establishment in 1949. Eugène Brands lived and worked in Nunspeet during summer and in Amsterdam during winter. Recently he changed his home in Amsterdam for a studio in the French Provence. His work can be found at museums and in public and private collections.

In the café

The painting "Flowing Landscape" created by Brands functioned as the lay-out of the floor of the restaurant and inspiration of the Cobra chairs.

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